In 2001, after working in both administrative and clinical roles, I opened LittleWing Learning Center as a holistic alternative to existing special education services in the area.  This intention continues to shape my interactions with students and their families.  I strive to nurture neural diversity, to support the vitality and creativity of students, and to advocate on their behalf in all educational and work settings.

LittleWing Learning Center Vision

LittleWing is committed to delivering educational therapeutic services based on individual student learning profiles. Individuals with learning disabilities and differences receive care directed toward their cognitive, social and emotional health.

LittleWing is dedicated to identifying individual learning strengths and weaknesses; on creating a collective team including students, parents and schools; on delivering necessary skill instruction and learning strategies to students, parents and teachers in need of support.

LittleWing Learning Center in Winter

LittleWing Learning Center in Winter

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