JoAnna B. Easton M.Ed., Director of LittleWing Learning Center, is a Vermont licensed teacher in English and Special Education. With 15 years of experience as an educatoJoAnnar, clinical practitioner, consultant and administrator, JoAnna’s expertise is frequently shared at in-services and workshops at local schools. JoAnna has served as a clinician at The Stern Center, a clinician and administrator at Pine Ridge School and as a consultant at Rice High School, Vermont Commons School and St. Michael’s College.

With a passion for learning phenomena, language acquisition, psychology and learning disabilities, JoAnna’s experience has brought her in contact with hundreds of students, teachers and families grappling with the gifts and challenges that students with learning disabilities and their families face. Her toolbox includes training in Orton-Gillingham structured language, attention and memory strategies, receptive and expressive oral and written language skills.

Personal Statement:
Born a twin and the youngest of eight children taught me how to seek attention through independence and excellence. Those lessons continue to serve me well and, simultaneously, I acknowledge the good luck that has accompanied my hard work. The effort and joy of parenting two (now adult) daughters continues to influence my work and my personal growth and direction. There are many quality of life decisions, which inform my life and have become cherished luxuries, like:   living in Vermont, daily proximity to nature and dogs, practicing yoga, and choosing a profession, which allows me to express a deep seated love of language and a sensitivity to the welfare of others.